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  • Trani


    Scola Nova di Trani, celebration for the return of the Torah scroll to Trani, 2006   The four synagogues of Trani were converted into churches during the wave of anti-Judaism […]

  • Prayer Books

    Prayer Books

    Italian Machazorim Italian Machazoriim, Soncino e Casalmaggiore, 1485-86 Machazor Kol HaShanà, Rav Samuel David Luzzatto (ShaDaL) Machazor di rito italiano secondo gli usi di tutte le Comunità, curated by Rav […]

  • The Jews of Italy

    The Jews of Italy

    Arnaldo Momigliano   Italian history is always a difficult subject. Behind it and inside it there is the extraordinary variety of regional and urban units: the history of Florence is […]

  • In Trani when they studied Talmud

    In Trani when they studied Talmud

    In Trani when they studied Talmud. -Isiah ben Mali, one of the great Talmudic scholars of all time was born in Trani-. By Oreste Spagnuolo, Italy, Italy Magazine   In […]

  • On The Music of the Jews of Rome

    On The Music of the Jews of Rome

    Francesco Spagnolo, University of California, Berkeley The history of Jewish music in Italy is long, fascinating, and filled with contradictions. Its length is due to the very history of Italian […]

  • Music


    Traditional Jewish Music and Italian-Jewish Liturgical Traditions Leo Levi z”l, Jerusalem, summer 1955 (Published in: “Rassegna Mensile di Israel,” Tishri 5718, Ottobre 1957, Vol. XXIII, N. 10)   Cassone Adimari, […]

  • Cuisine


    Maria and Marta in the Kitchen, Vincenzo Campi (ca. 1536-1591), Galleria Estense, Modena   The Cuisine of the Jews of Italy Ariel Toaff, Bar Ilan University   The culinary history […]

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