Part of the historical archives of the Jewish community of Ancona are preserved in Israel at the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem (Read original article). The community archive in Ancona can be visited by appointment.

The State Archives of Ancona, Soprintendenza Archivistica have catalogued all city documents, notary records, bills and provisions concerning relations with the Jewish community.

Ketubot (marriage contracts) and other documents concerning the Jews of Ancona can be found at Biblioteca Civica Benincasa and in many museums and libraries around the world.
Centro di Documentazione Storico Comunale

Deposito Militare (Campo degli Ebrei/Parco del Cardeto): Multimedia and interactive center to map out Jewish history in Ancona

Ketuba, Ancona, Italy, 1776
(British library)

Ketuba, Ancona, 1864
(Yale University Library )

Ketuba, Ancona, 1774
(New York Public Library” )

(Library of Congress )