Tombstone, Senigallia

The old cemetery was located near St. Maria del Portone. A certificate of land purchase in Campo Vecchio del Portone from 1512 is the first reference to the Jewish cemetery of Senigallia. In 1567 the Duke of Urbino accepted a request to extend the area.

In 1869 the Municipality of Senigallia designated the land of the former Convento delle Grazie for the city cemetery, reserving a separate section for a new Jewish cemetery. The first Jewish burial in the new cemetery occurred in 1878, while the old cemetery of Portone continued to be used until 1893. What remains of the old burial field are a few memorial stones, arranged today in the corner of a park dedicated to Anne Frank. The rest of the land was taken over by the expansion of the city. Recent excavations brought to light several 17th and 18th century burial stones and numerous 19th century headstones that have been re-arranged along the pathway that leads to the Jewish cemetery.