Palazzo Gherardi, Ghetto, Senigallia, 1910 ca. and 2009

The Ghetto was established in 1634, after the death the last Duke of Urbino, Francesco Maria Della Rovere. It extended through a large area between Piazza del Duca, Piazza del Comune and Via della Sinagoga Vecchia. The area underwent many transformations and today only Via dei Commercianti retains the original aspect of the neighborhood. In 1801 Pope Pius VII required that the Jews return to Senigallia and rebuild the ghetto. He did so in order to demand the payment of the debt of twelve thousand crowns that had accumulated in taxes and accrued interest during those terrible years. Reluctantly the community returned, rebuilt their homes, the new gates of the ghetto and the synagogue. Many of the old houses of the ghetto were demolished in 1892. In their old place, today stands Piazza Simoncelli.