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May 2015


Jewish treasures, monuments and books in Italy.

Here lies … Traces of a Jewish Cemetery in Rome

Excavations that unearth some artifact or another are common enough in Rome, but archaeologists monitoring a building restoration were taken aback when they found 38 well-preserved skeletons that they believe were once buried in the long-vanished Campus Iudeorum, or Field of the Jews. Scholars knew that Jews were buried in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome […]

Finding Ourselves in the Venetian Ghetto

This is the Talmud quoting Shmuel ben Nachmani on dreams, but the observation speaks fittingly—and pointedly—to last summer’s commemoration of the establishment of the first ever Jewish ghetto, in Venice on March 29, 1516. Events throughout the city spanned several months and included an ambitious exhibition, “Venice, the Jews and Europe, 1516-2016,” at the Palazzo Ducale; […]