Jewish treasures, monuments and books in Italy.


Conversation with Rav Umberto Piperno (Scola Nova Italiana New York) Some Italian wines champion the finest artisanal tradition and offer little-known historical perspective on kashruth. Among these, the only all-kosher Italian winery, La Macie offers its exceptional Chianti “Terre di Seta” and Sentieri Ebraici distributes in New York a full line of sweet and dry […]


Seder Italian Style Audio recording of a Roman and Tripolinian Seder, commentaries, Pesach guidebook for children, transliterated Haggadah and much more available online at www.torah.it.   The Italian Haggadah (Belforte Publishers). On the occasion its bicentenary Belforte republished in anastatic copy [raised relief], one of its signature books which has been popular throughout the world: […]

Apulia’s Cuisine

In his book Mangiare alla Giudia, historian Ariel Toaff traces the origin of many traditional Apulian dishes to the presence of Jews and Muslims in the area. As with liturgical poems some of the traditions of the dispersed Apulian Jewish communities were maintained among the Jews of Corfù in Trieste and the Jews of Rome, […]

High Holidays

Rosh HaShanà and Yom Kippur Food is an essential component in the rituals of the Jewish Holiday. It is selected and prepared for its symbolic meaning, specific to each celebration. In Italy, recipes and traditions vary depending on the city, although common elements appear throughout the peninsula. The table of Rosh HaShanà, the beginning of […]

Eggplants and Egghair

The Cuisine of the Jews of Italy Ariel Toaff, Bar Ilan University The culinary history of any people is inevitably tied into its cultural identity which, born of the religious, social and economic evolution of that people, tells the complex story of its past. This is especially true of the Jews. Clearly the most significant […]